“White Privilege”

from DATA (Amazon)

“This Poem Will Be My Last Poem”

from Metamericana (Amazon)

“James Franco By James Franco By Seth Abramson”

from DATA (Amazon)


from DATA (Amazon)

(A remix of lines from James Franco's Strongest of the Litter.)

(Three words from every page of a Secret Six trade paperback

comic book.)

(Six hundred and fifty 100% true statements about me.)

“Justin Bieber: Greatest Hits”

from Metamericana (Amazon)

(Four words from every song ever released by Justin Bieber, arranged in chronological order by the songs' dates of release.)

“White Dragon”

from Golden Age

(A poem with one simile.)

“A Brief Account of the Sandwich, MA Courthouse”

from DATA (Amazon)

“The Damn Day”

from DATA (Amazon)

“Calvin & Hobbes & Susie” (NSFW)

from DATA (Amazon)

(A collage of 100 statements made by the author's girlfriend and closest male friend during the month of October 2013.)


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