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"[Proof of Collusion] minutely examines the many troubling threads to this labyrinthine story...[it's] spirited, thorough, and thunderously foreboding."

     — Kirkus Reviews

"CNN legal analyst Abramson constructs a detailed, labyrinthine chronicle of contacts between Trump and his associates on the one hand and Russian officials, oligarchs, and fixers on the other. From this tangle of interactions, Abramson constructs a theory of the case....Abramson's exhaustive amassing of published evidence is useful..."

     — Publishers Weekly

"A fire-breather. We need his passion."

     — Chris Cuomo, CNN

"Abramson is a serious researcher working to test a bold hypothesis...any future study of Trump and Russia must use his book....as a starting point."

     — The New York Journal of Books

"His theory of the Trump-Russia scandal has won thousands of devotees and appears to be breaking into the mainstream."

     — The Washington Post

"He has been very good at connecting all these dots."

     — Vanity Fair

"An annotated outline of the most comprehensive record so far....chapters that lay out a detailed play-by-play of events...and don't speculate about motives...[Abramson] lays out 'the facts' and tries to trace a network of evidence....Proof of Collusion gets closer than the other [Trump-Russia] books to acknowledging what Russiagate really shows us: that the story of Russia and the U.S. has moved past Cold War dynamics....[a]nd instead of a smoking gun, a single document, we have a network of fragmented secrets[.]"

     — Bookforum

"This is a must read to fully understand Trump's decades-long history with Russia."

     — Salon

"Seth Abramson deserves something akin to a Medal of Honor for being ahead of the curve with all the Trump-Russia dots connected and all the key details supplied—well before anybody else."

     — Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School

"[Abramson] dissects the Trump presidency day by day like it was a geometry problem...[and has] a book out called Proof of Collusion. A lot of people are turning to him as their only hope in a dark time. He's super." 

     — The Irish Times

"Chilling...a useful guidebook to the still-unfolding crisis. [Abramson] methodically assembles the most important pieces of the puzzle to present a comprehensive picture of what he calls the most significant criminal investigation of our lives."

     — Gothamist

"[There's a] car crash quality that always attaches itself to Trump, and the piling on that Abramson orchestrates makes the condition of the American presidency seem all the more appalling."

     — The Herald (Scotland)

"A distinct look and feel....as each chapter shows the intensifying relations between Trump and Russia....an intimacy that culminates in an astonishing trade-off: election help for sanctions relief. Proof of Collusion moves chronologically, but its chapters are arranged in a novel, three-part way. As each chapter develops it provides more details...draw[ing] each side closer and closer together."

     — Public Books

"His kind of theory-testing is urgently important."

     — Politico


"Abramson threads connections like an astronomer weaving points of light into a constellation. He's a very American archetype: an underdog who—against his own wishes—became a hero."

     — Der Spiegel

"A deep thinker...and a philosopher."

     — Rolling Stone

2018 Edition

Seth Abramson, Series Editor


"Whenever a newspaper succumbs to the clickbait of fake news; whenever a search engine becomes a surrealist troubadour by chance; whenever a witless chatbot strives to rickroll you―these experimental writers, featured here, ensure that you show up for the future of literature on time."

     — Christian Bök

"An important anthology."

     — Rain Taxi

"Here's the perfect gift for your edgy friend and/or loved one who appreciates....engaging genre benders, some of which are technically too complicated to reproduce electronically. Best American Experimental Writing 2018 is smart, jittery fizz at its finest."

     — The Rumpus

Book Three of The Metamodern Trilogy

Cover Art by Glenn Brown


"A deep thinker...and a philosopher."

     — Rolling Stone

"A cult-favorite author..."

     — New York Magazine

"A magna-cum-weirdo."


     — Salon

Book Two of The Metamodern Trilogy

Cover Art by Seamus Moran



     — Entertainment Weekly

"A major American voice."

     — Colorado Review

"A virtuoso."

     — Los Angeles Review of Books


"An important anthology."

     — Rain Taxi

"Just my kind of rabbit hole..."

     — The Paris Review

2016 Edition

Seth Abramson, Series Editor

Book One of The Metamodern Trilogy

Cover Art by Sheila Wallis


"Abramson is the most visible metamodernist currently working. His Metamericana serves

as a great introduction to the philosophy...and is one of the best books we read in 2015."


     — Lit Genius


"Abramson's secret seems to be that a good poem places pressure on ideas in an interesting way—and a good idea places pressure on old ideas in an interesting way. Philosophy places pressure on technology, and technology places pressure on philosophy. All this interacts in a swirling, kaleidoscopic manner in Metamericana, as Abramson shows you the guts of thought."


     — NewPages

2015 Edition

Seth Abramson, Series Editor


"An important literary anthology for classroom settings, as individual selections are intended to provoke lively conversation and debate."

     — NewPages

"This anthology swings with verve and nerve from C.M. Burroughs' juncture of almost to Roberto Harrison's contaminate network of paradise. The experiment lives!"


     — Elizabeth Robinson


"The best annual experience where space is held for radical experimentation is in this book. Thanks to the editors for really keeping it real."


     — CAConrad


"Wow! We're delighted to see that Omnidawn will be publishing a new anthology dedicated solely to that thing we call 'experimental writing.'"


     — The Poetry Foundation 


"Experimental writing is as important for poetry and other literature as research

science is for bodily health...[Best American Experimental Writing] is a great series idea."


     — John Gosslee, PANK

2014 Edition

Seth Abramson, Series Editor


"Thievery is Abramson's best book so far....radiant with the sense that even the world in which one feels at home must be changed for the better."


     — Shane McCrae


"At the bottom of this book is the sense that we've been ripped off and don't even know it yet. That we have allowed it has left us stunted, morally and spiritually. Abramson isn't preaching, however: he is telling the melancholy, lonely truth."


     — Maurice Manning

Winner of the 2012 Akron Poetry Prize

Winner of the 2010 Green Rose Prize


"This book will get a lot of well-deserved attention. Serious and ambitious, full of torqued proverbs, Abramson's work shows a poet uncommonly interested in hard questions, and harder answers, about how to live." 


     — Publishers Weekly


"These poems, alternately expansive and deeply personal, are of crystalline beauty and complexity."


     — Colorado Review


"Working in the vivid, revivifying borderlands of such American adventures as Ed Dorn's Gunslinger, The Suburban Ecstasies propounds a syllabic heroism, one in which even the gentlest proposals set forth towards ecstasy. These pages glow with immediate mastery."


     — Donald Revell


"Ambitious and demanding—an achievement."

    — Notre Dame Review

Available in Hardcover Edition


"Artists and audiences have merged, and one of the first stops on their way to school is The MFA Handbook. It shows the huge range of aesthetic choices open to any young writer who wants to be a better writer, a better reader."


     — Tom Sleigh


Revised and Expanded Second Edition

Co-Authored By Seth Abramson


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