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Recent Radio/TV Interviews

6/21/17: [TV] CTV News (Canada) with Scott Laurie (Link)

6/20/17: KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, The BradCast (Link)

6/14/17: [TV] CNN Newsroom with Sara Sidner (5th)

6/14/17: KCBS 106.9 FM / 740 AM San Francisco (Link)*

6/14/17: [TV] CNN Newsroom with John Vause (4th)*

6/13/17: [TV] CNN Newsroom with John Vause (3rd)*

6/13/17: BBC World Service (2nd)*

6/8/17: [TV] BBC (Link)***

6/7/17: [TV] CNN Newsroom with John Vause (2nd)

6/7/17: WJR 760 AM Detroit, The Mitch Albom Show (Link)*

6/6/17: [TV] CNN Newsroom with John Vause (Link)

5/20/17: WBAI 99.5 FM NYC, City Watch with Bich Ha (Link)

4/4/17: SiriusXM Progress, Make It Plain with Mark Thompson

4/2/17: BBC World Service (Link)

1/28/17: WBAI 99.5 FM NYC, City Watch with Bich Ha (Link)

1/19/17: WPWC 1480 AM DC, The Thom Hartman Program  (Link)

12/14/16: KCBX 90.1 FM, IdeaSphere with Guy Rathbun (Link)

7/13/16: WNHN 94.7 FM, The Attitude with Arnie Arneson (Link)

6/20/16: WCAP 980 AM (ABC News Radio) Boston (Link)

6/13/16: Podcast, The Nicole Sandler Show (Link)

6/7/16[TV] RT America, The Big Picture w/ Thom Hartmann (Link)

6/7/16: Radio New Zealand, "Morning Report" (Link)

6/6/16: WCAP 980 AM (ABC News Radio) Boston (Link)

5/26/16: WCAP 980 AM (ABC News Radio) Boston (Link)

5/18/16: Podcast, The Nicole Sandler Show (Link)

5/12/16: KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, The BradCast (Link)

5/10/16: [TV] University of New Hampshire [Promo] (Link)

4/29/16: WCAP 980 AM (ABC News Radio) Boston (Link)

4/21/16: Podcast, The Nicole Sandler Show (Link)

4/19/16: WCAP 980 AM (ABC News Radio) Boston (Link)

4/11/16: [TV] PBS, "MetroFocus" (Link)

4/11/16: Podcast, The Nicole Sandler Show (Link)

4/9/16: WUNH 91.3 FM Durham (Links: 1, 2)

4/7/16: Radio New Zealand, "Morning Report" (Link)

4/4/16: WCAP 980 AM (ABC News Radio) Boston (Link)

3/25/16: [TV] MSNBC, Hardball with Chris Matthews (Link)*

2/9/16: [TV] MSNBC, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell (Link)*

10/12/15: NPR, "All Things Considered" (Link)

7/1/15: Audio Archive, From the Fishouse (Links: 1, 2, 3)

2/12/14: Iowa Public Radio, "Talk of Radio" (Link)

10/20/13: KKUP 91.5 PM Cupertino (Link)

* = Postponed due to breaking news.

** = Forthcoming.

*** = Declined (scheduling conflict).

Audio/Video Poetry Recordings


{see also the "Audio" section of this website on the navigation bar}

4/9/16: Interview Video, WUNH 91.3 FN Durham (Link)

7/1/15: Audio Archive, From the Fishouse (Links: 1, 2, 3, 4)

5/20/15: Iowa City, Prairie Lights Bookstore (Link)

12/17/14: Minneapolis, The Great Twin Cities Poetry Read (Link)

1/25/14: University of Mississippi, Trobar Ric Reading Series (Link)

Selected Recent Citations in Media


6/15/17: The Courier Mail (Australia), "'White House Is Now a Crime Scene" (*)

6/14/17: Washington Journal, "Law Professor Lays Out Obstruction Case" (*)

6/13/17: Newsweek, "Mueller Firing Would Trigger a Crisis" (*)

6/9/17: Vox, "The Internet Was An Intense Place This Week" (*)

6/8/17: The Washington Post, "Trump Might Learn From Whitewater" (*)

6/8/17: The Independent, "Comey Says Obstruction Call Not Up to Him" (*)

6/8/17: The Huffington Post, "Who Knew What McCain Was Talking About?" (*)

6/8/17: The New Republic, "The New Paranoia" (*)

6/7/17: San Francisco Chronicle, "Media World Reacts to Comey's Remarks" (*)

6/7/17: The Independent, "Trump Not Under Investigation Over Russia Ties" (*)

6/7/17: Vox, "The 'Obstruction of Justice' Tweets Are Already Flying" (*)

5/29/17: Yahoo! News, "Twitter Had Lots of Theories About Those Lights" (*)

5/25/17: USA Today, "Trump Shoved the Montenegro Prime Minister" (*)

5/25/17: El Universal (Mexico), "'Russiagate' Inevitably Looming" (*)

5/20/17: Lifehacker, "Follow These People on Twitter" (*)

5/10/17: Tech Times, "Trump Fires Comey" (*)

5/9/17: Salon, "Did Trump Try to Threaten Sally Yates?" (*)

5/8/17: The Boston Globe, "Cruz Gets Into Heated Exchange with Yates" (*)

5/8/17: Independent Journal Review, "Trump's Critics Freak Out" (*)

5/5/17: Fox News, "Skipping Marches, Real Americans Are Going to Work" (*)

4/28/17: Black Entertainment Television (BET), "President-ing Is So Hard" (*)

4/14/17: The New Zealand Herald, "Trump the 'Commander-in-Distraction'?" (*)

4/14/17: The National Herald (India), "Why Did U.S. Drop 'MOAB'?" (*)

4/12/17: The Huffington Post (UK), "Sean Spicer's 'Hitler Apology'" (*)

4/11/17: Slate, "Conspiracy Theories About Russia Play into Trump's Hands" (*)

4/10/17: The Independent, "UK to Push for Tough Sanctions on Putin" (*)

4/10/17: Republika (Indonesia), "Trump's Syria Attack Called 'Posturing'" (*)

4/8/17: El Diario (Mexico), "Was Trump's Syria Attack a Smokescreen?" (*)

4/2/17: NJ Today, "Flynn Confessed to Receiving Money from Russians" (*)

4/1/17: The Independent, "Lawyer Explains Flynn's Immunity Request" (*)

3/29/17: Yahoo! News (UK), "Trump Connected to...Russian Salad Dressing?" (*)

3/27/17: The Washington Free Beacon, "Claims Flynn and FBI Struck a Deal" (*)

3/20/17: The Huffington Post (UK), "Moments From Spicer's Latest Presser" (*)

3/15/17: The Huffington Post (UK), "Trump's 2005 Tax Return Revealed" (*)

2/21/17: Entertainment Tonight, "Fans Want Alec Baldwin to Attend WHCD" (*)

2/10/17: San Jose Mercury News, "Is There An 'Alt-Left' and Am I Part of It?" (*)

12/31/16: New Hampshire Union Leader, "Trump's An Immersive Art Project" (*)

9/1/16: Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, "Overheard: The Punditocracy" (*)

7/13/16: Fox News, "Is Democratic Unity Possible?" (*)

7/9/16: CNBC, "Why Sanders' Endorsement Probably Won't Help Hillary" (*)

6/4/16: New York Post, "Clinton Is Cheating Her Way to the Nomination" (*)

6/1/16: The Chicago Tribune, "Enough With Bernie Sanders" (*)

5/31/16: The Washington Post, "Sanders Backers Worry" (*)

5/28/16: New Hampshire Union Leader, "The True Value of Comic Books" (*)

5/26/16: The Atlantic, "This Is How a Revolution Ends" (*)

5/12/16: New York Magazine, "WSJ Editorial Page Feels the Bern" (*)

4/28/16: FiveThirtyEight, "A Sanders Comeback Would Be Unprecedented" (*)

4/19/16: New York Magazine, "Bernie Sanders Has Lost the Primary" (*)

4/18/16: Investor's Business Daily, "Something Else Clinton is Hiding" (*)

4/13/16: The Rush Limbaugh Show, "Anti-Establishment Democrats" (*)

4/8/16: Akron Beacon-Journal, "The Unconventional Wisdom" (*)

3/31/16: Salon, "Bernie's Miracle Path to Victory" (*)

3/23/16: Politico, "Establishment Grudgingly Accepts Cruz" (*)

3/23/16: The Washington Post, "Sorry, Bernie Supporters" (*)

1/7/16: Rolling Stone, "Simpson Says New Album Is Already Finished" (*)

11/30/15: The Boston Globe, "Posthumous Books" (*)

8/12/14: The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Trad Is Rad at Philly Folk Festival" (*)

6/10/14: The Los Angeles Review of Books, "The Poetics of Tragedy" (*)

5/15/14: Pitchfork, "Review of Metamodern Sounds in Country Music" (*)

4/19/14: Wisconsin State Journal, "Book Briefs" (*)

2/20/14: Los Angeles Weekly, "USC's Decision to Ax Its MPW Program" (*)

1/20/14: The Baffler, "A Poet's Guide to the Assassination of JFK" (*)

7/24/13: Boston Review, "Weekly Poetry Links" (*)

12/11/11: New York Magazine, "The Lives of the Poets" (*)

11/24/11: Colorado Review, "Review of Northerners" (*)

5/16/11: Publishers Weekly, "Review of Northerners" (*)

4/14/11: Chronicle of Higher Education, "MFA Application Season Etiquette" (*)

4/11/10: The New Yorker, "Page-Turner: In the News" (*)

3/27/08: The Los Angeles Times, "A Thesis Statement" (*)

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