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Poetry Reviews at The Huffington Post
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Since 2011, the Huffington Post contemporary poetry review series has reviewed over a hundred poetry collections; the majority of the books reviewed have been small-press publications. Click on a month below to see the review for that date. An incomplete listing of items received is at the bottom of this page. Please use the "Contact" page if you have review copies you wish to send.





Steve Roggenbuck


➤ March


Cynthia Arrieu-King

David Bartone

T. Zachary Cotler

Gro Dahle

Kate Greenstreet

Julie Joosten

Gina Myers

Normandy Sherwood

Ron Silliman

Rebecca Wadlinger

Rachel Zucker

Steve Zultanski


➤ April


Tim Earley

Sara Nicholson

Ron Padgett




➤  January

Joseph Ceravolo

Jackie Clark

Brandon Downing

Allison Seay

Brandon Shimoda

➤  February

Kathleen Fraser

Nicholas Grindell

Lisa Olstein

Monika Rinck 

Elizabeth Robinson

Matthew Timmons

➤  March


➤  ​​April (Part I, Part II)

Ana Bozicevic

Joe Hall

Jane Lewty

Joseph Mosconi


Sampson Starkweather

➤  May

Brian Blanchfield

Daniel Brenner

R. Erica Doyle

Caroline Knox

Lynn Xu



➤  June


Charles Bernstein

Beatriz Hausner

Steve Healey

Morten Søndergaard

Deborah Woodard



➤  July


Andy Mister



➤ August


Victoria Chang

Kenneth Goldsmith

Bill Knott

Michael McClure

Jillian Weise


➤  January

Suzanne Buffam

MacGregor Card

Brenda Coultas

Michael Earl Craig

Ben Doller

Alice Fulton

Dorothea Lasky

Ed Roberson

Gregory Sherl

➤  February

Brigitte Byrd

Tim Dlugos

Jim Goar

Rauan Klassnik

Noelle Kocot

Mark Levine


➤ March

Jericho Brown

Ish Klein

Mark Leidner

Aram Saroyan

Matthew Zapruder

➤  April

CA Conrad

Laura Cronk

Nick Demske

Ben Mazer

Lucia Perillo

Karen Rigby

Jenny Samparisi

Larissa Szporluk

Michelle Taranksy

John Yau

➤  May

Peter Gizzi

Dean Young

➤  June

Calvin Bedient

Darcie Dennigan

Ben Kopel

Craig Santos Perez

Sandra Simonds

Mike Smith

➤  July

Emmanuel Hocquard

Joan Houlihan

Joyelle McSweeney

Eileen Myles

Cole Swensen

Angela Veronica Wong


➤  August

Skip Fox

Ross Gay

Kim Hyesoon

Francesco Levato

Dan Magers

Hoa Nguyen

Norman Stock

Maged Zaher

➤  September

Biswamit Dwibedy

Feng Sun Chen

Don Mee Choi

Graham Foust

Samuel Frederick

Cathy Park Hong

Ernst Meister

Jorge Santiago Perednik

Khadijah Queen

Frank Stanford

➤  October

Karen Garthe

Tao Lin

Jena Osman

Catherine Wagner

G.C. Waldrep

➤  November

Cara Benson

Donald Dunbar

Rachel Glaser

Paul Hoover

Michael Klein

Stephen Kuusisto

➤  December

Michael Zapruder



➤  August 

Jesse Ball

Thordis Bjornsdottir

Julie Carr

Jeff Clark

John Godfrey

Kate Greenstreet

Jennifer L. Knox

Christopher Logue

John Murillo

Shane McCrae

Frederick Seidel

➤  September 

Cynthia Arrieu-King

John Beer

Anne Boyer

Inger Christensen

Joshua Clover

Johannes Goransson

Fanny Howe

Richard Siken

➤  October 

Heather Christle

Timothy Donnelly

Thomas Sayers Ellis

Lara Glenum

Janet Holmes

Ben Lerner

Abraham Smith

Craig Morgan Teicher

➤  November 

Rae Armantrout

Robin Blaser

Jean Follain

Gabe Foreman

Douglas Kearney

Jared Stanley

➤  December 

Joe Amato

Anselm Berrigan

Jenny Boully

Ariana Reines

Nate Slawson

Juliana Spahr

An Index of Books Received and Considered (or To Be Considered)

Below is a partial list of books received and considered between 9.1.11 and 8.19.13. Books reviewed in The Huffington Post were selected from either this list, the hundreds of books submitted between 8.19.13 and the present, or a personal library of more than 2,000 contemporary poetry collections. The Huffington Post poetry review series does not consider fiction, nonfiction, or chapbooks in any genre. Many of the collections considered for the series but not selected are nevertheless of high merit; the appearance of a collection in the list below without an asterisk is not a comment on its value or ambition. Books are eligible for inclusion in the series for a decade from date of receipt. A key to the notations used in this catalog is at the bottom of the page.

(last updated 8.19.13)


Ackerson-Kiely, Paige: My Love Is a Dead Arctic Explorer

Adamo, Ralph: Waterblind

Adams, Carrie Olivia: Forty-One Jane Doe's

Alcala, Rosa: The Lust of Unsentimental Waters

Alcala, Rosa: Undocumentaries

Ali, Kazim: Sky Ward

Ali, Kazim; Mahallati, Mohammad Jafar (tr.): Selected Poems: The Oasis of Now (Sepehri)

Allman, John: Algorithms
Allport, Andrew: The Body of Space in the Shape of the Human

Amadon, Samuel: Like a Sea

Amato, Joe: Under Virga *
Anthony, Jason C.: Hoosh: Stories of Antarctic Cuisine ^^

Anzalone, Erica: Samsara

Apps, Aaron: Compos[t] Mentis

Archambeau, Robert: The Poet Resigns: Poetry in a Difficult World ^^

Armantrout, Rae: Just Saying

Arrieu-King, Cynthia: People Are Tiny in Paintings of China *
Arsovska, Ljubica; Peggy Reid (tr): pH Neutral History (Dimkovska)
Arthur, James: Charms Against Lightning

Astarius, Surazeus: Scientia Hermetis: Science of Hermes, Vol. I (The Hermead of Surazeus)

Auchter, Amanda: The Wishing Tomb


Ball, Jesse; Thordis Bjornsdottir: The Disastrous Tale of Vera & Linus *

Bar-Nadav, Hadara: The Frame Called Ruin

Bar-Nadav, Hadara: Lullaby (with Exit Sign)

Baran, Jessica: Equivalents

Barras, Moisés Villavicencio: Luz de Todos los Tiempos (Light of All Times)

Beachy-Quick, Dan: Circle's Apprentice

Beachy-Quick, Dan; Reddy, Srikanth: Conversities

Beachy-Quick, Dan; Goulish, Matthew: Work From Memory

Bedient, Calvin: The Multiple *

Beckman, Joshua: The Inside of an Apple

Beer, John: The Waste Land and Other Poems *
Begnal, Michael S.: Ancestor Worship

Begnal, Michael S.: Future Blues

Behm-Steinberg, Hugh: The Opposite of Work

Behm-Steinberg, Hugh: Shy Green Fields

Behm-Steinberg, Hugh; Behm-Steinberg, Mary: Good Morning!

Benemann, William: Men in Eden ^^
Benson, Cara: (made) *

Berdeshevsky, Margo: Beautiful Soon Enough

Berger, Zackary Sholem: Not in the Same Breath

Bernheim, Erica; The Mimic Sea

Bernstein, Charles: All the Whiskey in Heaven *

Bernstein, Charles: Recalculating
Bernstein, Dennis J.: Special Ed

Berrigan, Anselm: Free Cell *

Berrigan, Anselm: Notes From Irrelevance
Berrigan, Edmund: Can It! ^/^^

Bertina, Arno: Brando, My Solitude: A Biographical Hypothesis ^

Besemer, Jen: Telephone

Best, B.J.: But Our Princess Is in Another Castle

Bigalk, Kris: Repeat the Flesh in Numbers

Bishop, George: Expecting Delays

Blais, Craig: About Crows
Blanchfield, Brian: Not Even Then *

Blasing, Randy: Sweet Crude

Blatner, Barbara: Living With You
Blevins, Adrian: Bloodline
Boehl, Dan: Kings of the F**king Sea
Bohince, Paula: The Children

Bolina, Jaswinder: Phantom Camera
Book, Shane: Ceiling of Sticks
Borland, Bryan: Less Fortunate Pirates

Boully, Jenny: not merely because of the unknown that was stalking toward them *

​Boully, Jenny: of the mismatched teacups, of the single-serving spoon: a book of failures

Boyden, Jennifer: The Declarable Future

Boyer, Anne: The Romance of Happy Workers *

Bozicevic, Ana: Rise in the Fall *

Bradley, Amanda J.: Oz at Night

Brenner, Daniel: June
Brenner, Daniel: The Stupefying Flashbulbs *

Brimhall, Traci: Our Lady of the Ruins
Brodak, Molly: The Flood

Brown, Fleda: No Need of Sympathy
Brown, Jericho: Please *
Brown, Karen: Little Sinners and Other Stories ^

Brown, Lee Ann: In the Laurels, Caught
Browning, Sommer: Either Way I'm Celebrating

Buchanan, Anhvu: The Disordered

Buuck, David; Spahr, Juliana: An Army of Lovers ^

Buehler, Ute: Fly With Me: A Fusion of Images and Poetry
Buffam, Suzanne: The Irrationalist *

Burns, Cullen Bailey: Slip

Burroughs, CM: The Vital System

Busse, Sarah: Somewhere Piano
Byer, Kathryn Stripling: Southern Fictions

Byrd, Brigitte: Song of a Living Room *


Cadora, Joe (tr.): Rilke: New Poems (Rilke)

Campbell, Kate (tr.): Night and Day (Alferi)

Capozzi, James: Country Album
Capps, Ashley: Mistaking the Sea for Green Fields

Card, MacGregor: Duties of an English Foreign Secretary *
Cardona, Helene: Dreaming My Animal Selves

Carr, Julie: 100 Notes on Violence *

Carr, Richard: Dead Wendy
Carruth, Hayden: Last Poems
Cassells, Cyrus: The Crossed-Out Swastika
Ceravolo, Joseph: Collected Poems *

Cervantes, James: Sleepwalker's Songs: New & Selected Poems

Chabrier, Francesca: Throw Yourself Into the Prairie

Chang, Victoria: The Boss *

Chen, Feng Sun: Butcher's Tree *
Choi, Don (tr): All the Garbage of the World, Unite! (Hyesoon) *
Chopra, Serena: This Human

Chorlton, David: The Devil's Sonata

Chorlton, David; King, Robert S. (eds.): What Poets See

Christensen, Inger: The Alphabet *

Christensen, Inger: It *

Christle, Heather: The Difficult Farm *

Christle, Heather: What Is Amazing

Clark, Jackie: Aphoria *

Clark, Jeff: The Little Door Slides Back *

Clay, Adam: A Lobby At the Edge of the World
Clevidence, Cody-Rose: Everything That Is Beautiful Is Edible

Clover, Joshua: The Totality for Kids *

Cofell, Cathryn: Sister Satallite

Colby, Joan: Dead Horses
Cole, Norma: Win These Posters and Other Unrelated Prizes Inside
coleman, rd: beach tracks
Colen, Elizabeth J.: Waiting Up for the End of the World
Collins, Robert: Naming the Dead
Compton, Shanna: Brink

Conley, Tim; Rasula, Jed: Burning City: Poems of Metropolitan Modernity

Conrad, Barbara: Wild Plums

Conrad, CA: A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon *
Coolidge, Clark: 88 Sonnets

Cooper, Christal Rice: Gone Sane
Corey, Joshua; Waldrep, G.C. (eds.): The Arcadia Project
Corless-Smith, Martin: English Fragments: A Brief History of the Soul

Corless-Smith, Martin: Swallows

Cotler, T. Zachary: Sonnets to the Humans

Coudriet, Daniel: Say Sand

Coultas, Brenda: A Handmade Museum *

Covey, Bruce: Reveal: All Shapes and Sizes
Covino, Peter: The Right Place to Jump

Craig, Michael Earl: Yes, Master *
Cramer, Steven: Clangings

Crispi, Joanna: The Guilty Ones ^
Crocker, Daniel: Like a Fish

Cronk, Laura: Having Been an Accomplice *
Cronk, Olivia: Skin Horse


Dancing Bear, J.P.: The Abandoned Eye

Daniels, Jim: Birth Marks
Danziger, Jazzy: Darkroom

Darling, Kristina Marie: Melancholia (An Essay)

Darling, Kristina Marie: Petrarchan

Darling, Kristina Marie: X Marks the Dress: A Registry

Davio, Kelly: Burn This House

Davis, Peter: Tina

Dawes, Kwame: Duppy Conqueror
Demske, Nick: Nick Demske *
deNiord, Chard: The Double Truth
Dennigan, Darcie: Madame X *
Derr-Smith, Heather: The Bride Minaret

Derricotte, Toi: The Undertaker's Daughter
Dethlefsen, Bruce: Unexpected Shiny Things
Diaz, Natalie: When My Brother Was an Aztec
Dickey, Melissa: The Lily Will

Dickey, Paul: They Say This Is How Death Came Into the World
Dickman, Matthew; Dickman, Michael: 50 American Plays
Dlugos, Tim: A Fast Life: Collected Poems *
Doller, Ben: Dead Ahead *

Donnelly, Timothy: Twenty-Seven Props for a Production of Eine Lebenszeit *
Dolack, D.J.: Whittling a New Face in the Dark

Dolven, Jeff: Speculative Music

Doris, Stacey: Fledge

Doshi, Tishani: Everything Begins Elsewhere
Douglas, Mitchell L.H.: \blak\\al-febet\

Dowker, David; Stewart, Christine: Virtualis: Topologies of the Unreal

Downing, Brandon: Mellow Actions *

Doxsee, Julie: The Next Monsters

Doyle, R. Erica: Proxy *

Dumanis, Michael; Prufer, Kevin (eds.): Russell Atkins: The Life & Work of An American Master

Dumesnil, Cheryl: In Praise of Falling
Dunbar, Donald: Eyelid Lick *
Dwibedy, Biswamit: Ozalid *


Edenborg, Carl-Michael: The Parapornographic Manifesto

Elledge, Jim: H

Ellis, Thomas Sayers: The Maverick Room *

Emanuel, Lynn: Noose and Hook
Erdich, Loren; Nelson, Sierra: I Take Back the Sponge Cake

Evans, CJ: A Penance

Evans, Kerry James: Bangalore


Falck, Noah: Snowmen Losing Weight

Faulkner, Andrew: Need Machine

Ferrell, Monique: Unsteady
Filipelli, Laurie: Elseplace

Finch, Annie: Spells: New and Selected Poems

Firmage, Robert (tr): Song of the Departed (Trakl)
Fisher, Jessica: Inmost
Fitzgerald, Adam: The Late Parade

Fitzgerald, John: The Mind
Foltz, Craig: We Used to Be Everywhere

Fortin, Jennifer H.: Mined Muzzle Velocity
Foust, Graham (tr): In Time's Rift (Meister) *
Fox, Skip: Sheer Indefinite *
Fraser. Kathleen: Movable Tyype *

Freeman, Valentine: What's Truly Is Feral

Fulton, Alice: Felt *


Gabbert, Elisa: The French Exit
Gailey, Jeannine Hall: She Returns to the Floating World
Gallagher, Jean: Start
Gallaher, John: Map of the Folded World
Gallais, Sylvain; Cynthia Hogue (tr): Fortino Sámano (Lalucq/Nancy)
Gamble, Hannah: Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast

Gander, Forrest (ed.): Pinholes in the Night: Essential Poems From Latin America

Garthe, Karen: The Banjo Clock *
Gay, Ross: Bringing the Shovel Down *
Gerber, Dan: Sailing Through Cassiopeia

Gil-Montero, Michelle: Attached Houses #

Gil-Montero, Michelle (tr.): Mouth of Hell (Negroni)

Gillan, Maria Mazziotti: The Place I Call Home

Gillespie, Susan H. (tr.): Selected Poems of Paul Celan (Celan)

Gizzi, Peter: Ode: Salute to the New York School

Glaser, RachelB. : Pee on Water *

Glasser, Jane Ellen: The Red Coat

Glasson, Evan: Vital Pursuits

Glenum, Lara: Maximum Gaga
Glenum, Lara: Pop Corpse

Gloviczki, Peter Joseph: Kicking Gravity

Gocker, Ben; Larkin, Tanya: Hothouse Orphan

Goar, Jim: The Louisiana Purchase *

Godfrey, John: Push the Mule *
Good, Regan: The Atlantic House

Göransson, Johannes: Haute Surveillance

Göransson, Johannes (tr): Dark Matter (Berg)

Göransson, Johannes (tr): Transfer Fat (Berg)

Göransson, Johannes (tr): With Deer (Berg) *

Gordon, Noah Eli: A Fiddle Pulled From the Throat of a Sparrow

Gordon, Noah Eli: The Area of Sound Called the Subtone

Gordon, Noah Eli; Wilkinson, Joshua Marie: Figures for a Darkroom Voice

Gordon, Noah Eli: The Frequencies

Gordon, Noah Eli: inbox: a reverse memoir

Gordon, Noah Eli: Novel Pictorial Noise

Gordon, Noah Eli: The Source

Gordon, Noah Eli: The Year of the Rooster

Gorrell, Brandon Scott: During My Nervous Breakdown I Want to Have a Biographer Present

Gorrick, Anne: I-Formation, Book 1

Gorrick, Anne: I-Formation, Book 2

Gorrick, Anne: Kyotologic

Grace, Andrew: Sancta
Graman, Alexis; Heinowitz, Cole (tr.): Advice From 1 Disciple of Marx to  1 Heidigger Fanatic (Papasquiaro)

Grant, Alex: The Circus
Grant, Alex (tr): The Poems of Wing Lei (Lei)
Gravendyk, Hillary: Harm

Graywyvern: Spaceship to Pluto
Greenberg, Arielle: My Kafka Century

Greensfelder, Jeanie: Biting the Apple

Greenstreet, Kate: The Last 4 Things *

Greenstreet, Kate: Young Tambling

Greenwald, Roger (tr.): Meditations on George de La Tour (Haugen)

Gregory, jane: My Enemies

Gridley, Sarah: Loom

Grindell, Nicholas (tr.): To Refrain From Embracing (Rinck)

Groves, A. Staley: Poetry Vocare
Guenette, Matthew: American Busboy

Guthrie, Camille: Articulated Lair
Gwiazda, Piotr: Gagarin Street
Gwiazda, Piotr: Messages


Hagood, Caroline: Lunatic Speaks

Hall, Joe: The Devotional Poems *

Hall, Phil: The Small Nouns Crying Faith

Hamilton, Alfred Starr: A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind

Hanahoe-Dosch, Pat: Fleeing Back
Handal, Nathalie: Poet in Andalucía
Harrington, Joseph: Things Come On

Hart, Matt: Debacle Debacle
Hart, Matt: Sermons and Lectures Both Blank and Relentless ^^^
Hausner, Beatriz: Enter the Raccoon *

Haveland, Barbara (tr.): A Step in the Right Direction (Søndergaard) *

Hays, K.A.: Dear Apocalypse

Healey, Steve: 10 Mississippi *

Hecht, Jennifer Michael: Who Said

Heise, Thomas: Moth (or, How I Came to Be With You Again)

Hejinian, Lyn: The Book of a Thousand Eyes

Hejinian, Lyn: My Life and My Life in the Nineties

Hellen, Kathleen: Umberto's Night
Heller, Michael: This Constellation Is a Name: Collected Poems
Henn, Steve: And God Said: Let There Be Evolution
Hennen, Tom: Darkness Sticks to Everything

Hennessy, Eileen: This Country of Gale-Force Winds
Henry, Brian: Brother No One

Henry, Brian: Doppelgänger

Henry, Brian: Lessness

Hettich, Michael: The Measured Breathing
Hicok, Bob: Elegy Owed

Hightower, Scott: Self-evident

Hill, Crag; Vassilakis, Nico (eds.): The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008

Hill, Judyth: Dazzling Wobble

Hilles, Rick: A Map of the Lost World

Hillman, Brenda: Seasonal Works With Letters on Fire
Hoag, Jeannie; McCord, Kyle: Informal Invitation to a Traveler: Letters Between J.R. and Miss Kim

Hodgen, John: Heaven & Earth Holding Company
Hoks, Nathan: The Narrow Circle

Holmes, Janet: F2F *

Hong, Cathy Park: Engine Empire *
Hoover, Paul: Desolation: Souvenir *
Hoover, Paul (ed.): Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology

Hostovsky, Paul: Hurt Into Beauty
Houlihan, Joan: The Us *

Howard, Joanna: Foreign Correspondent ^

Howe, Fanny: Selected Poems *
Hu, Tung-Hui: Greenhouses, Lighthouses

Hughes, Adam: Petrichor
Hughes, Adam: Uttering the Holy
Huth, NF: Radiator


Irwin, Mark: Large White House Speaking


James, Clive: Nefertiti in the Flak Tower

Jarnot, Lisa: Joie de Vivre: Selected Poems, 1992-2012

Jarrett, T.J.: Ain't No Grave

Jesme, Kathleen: Meridian

John, Aisha Sasha: The Shining Material

Johnson, Luke: After the Ark

Joudah, Fady: Alight


Kaminski, Megan: Desiring Map
Kaufman, Debra: The Next Moment
Keating, Kevin P.: The Natural Order of Things

Keene, John; Stackhouse, Christopher: Seismosis

Kennedy, Terry L.: New River Breakdown
Keplinger, David: The Most Natural Thing

Kessenich, Lawrence: Before Whose Glory

Killelea, Patricia: Other Suns
King, Robert S.: The Gravedigger's Roots
King, Robert S.: The Hunted River

Klassnik, Rauan: Holy Land *
Klassnik, Rauan: The Moon's Jaw

Klein, Lucas (tr.): Notes on the Mosquito: Selected Poems (Chuan)

Klein, Michael: The Talking Day *
Klein, Michael: Then, We Were Still Living
Knox, Caroline: Flemish *

Knox, Jennifer L.: The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway *

Kocher, Ruth Ellen: domina Un/blued

Kocot, Noelle: The Bigger World *

Kocot, Noelle: Soul in Space
Koh, Jee Leong: The Pillow Book

Kopel, Ben: Victory *
Kostelanetz, Richard: Three Poems
Krawiec, Richard; Elrod, Allison; Kaufman, Debra (eds.): ...and love...
Krawiec, Richard: She Hands Me the Razor
Kryah, Joshua: We Are Starved
Kunin, Aaron: Grace Period: Notebooks, 1998-2007

Kunin, Aaron: The Sore Throat & Other Poems

Kusserow, Adrie: Refuge

Kuusisto, Stephen: Letters to Borges *


Larkin, Tanya: My Scarlet Ways

Lasky, Dorothea: Awe *

Lasky, Dorothea: Thunderbird
Laue, John: Colma: City of the Dead/Elegy for Skeptics

Lax, Robert: Poems (1962-1997)

Le, Jenna: Six Rivers
LeBlond-Schrader, Ellen; Riggs, Sarah (tr.): Present Participle (Bosquet)

Lee, David Dodd: Orphan, Indiana

LeForge, P.V.: My Wife is a Horse
Legault, Paul: The Madeleine Poems

Legault, Paul: The Other Poems

Lehmann, Rebecca: Between the Crackups
Leidner, Mark: Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me *
Leidner, Mark: The Angel in the Dream of Our Hangover: Aphorisms
Leong, Michael: Cutting Time With a Knife

Lerner, Ben: Angle of Yaw *

Leslie, Juliana: More Radiant Signal
Lessley, Shara: Two-Headed Nightingale
Lev, Donald: A Very Funny Fellow
Levato, Francesco: Elegy for Dead Languages *
Levin, Stephanie: Smoke of Her Body

Levine, Mark: Enola Gay *
Levy, Thomas Patrick: I Don't Mind If You're Feeling Alone
Levy, Thomas Patrick: Please Don't Leave Me Scarlett Johansson
Lewty, Jane: Bravura Cool *

Liles, KP: Singing Back the Darkness
Lin, Tao: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy *

Lindsay, Sarah: Debt to the Bone-Eating Snotflower
Livingston, Chip: Crow-Blue, Crow-Black
Locke, Christopher: End of American Magic

Locke, Christopher: Waiting for Grace & Other Poems

Lodge, Jeff; Paine, Patty; Touati, Samia (eds.): Gathering the Tide: Contemporary Arabian Gulf Poetry

Logue, Christopher: War Music *

Ludwig, Marni: Pinwheel


MacDiarmid, Laurie J.: Consolation Prize
Madrid, Anthony: I Am Your Slave Now Do What I Say ^^^
Magers, Dan: Partyknife *
Maguire, Shannon: fur(l) parachute

Major, Clarence: Down and Up

Mann, Randall: Straight Razor

Markotic, Nicole: Bent at the Spine

Marks, Corey: The Radio Tree

Martin, Camille: Looms

Martin, Hugh: The Stick Soldiers

Martin, Timothy: Stealing Hymnals From the Choir
Mathis, Cleopatra: Book of Dog

Matthias, John: Collected Longer Poems

Matthias, John: Collected Shorter Poems, Vol. 1

Matthias, John: Collected Shorter Poems, Vol. 2
Matthias, John: Trigons
Matthias, John: Who Was Cousin Alice? and Other Questions ^^
Matuk, Farid: This Isa Nice Neighborhood

Mauch, Matt: If You're Lucky Is a Theory of Mine

Mazer, Ben: New Poems

Mazer, Ben: Poems *
McCarthy, B. Eugene; Quinn, Frann (eds.): Sound Ideas: Hearing and Speaking Poetry ^^

McConnell, Marty: Wine for a Shotgun

McCord, Kyle: Sympathy From the Devil

McCrae, Shane: Mule *

McDermott, Sharon Fagan: Bitter Acoustic
McGriff, Michael: Home Burial
McNair, Christine: Conflict

McSweeney, Joyelle: Percussion Grenade *
McSweeney, Joyelle: The Red Bird

McSweeney, Joyelle: Salamandrine: 8 Gothics

Meek, Sandra: Road Scatter
Meier, Richard: In the Pure Block of the Whole Imaginary

Melnick, Lynn: If I Should Say I Have Hope

Merwin, W.S.; Lento, Takako (tr.): The Collected Haiku of Yosa Buson (Buson)

Merwin, W.S.: Selected Translations
Metres, Philip: Abu Ghraib Arias

Miller, Jane: Thunderbird
Millitello, Jennifer: Body Thesaurus

Millitello, Jennifer: Flinch of Song
Millner, Jesse: The Neighborhoods of My Past Sorrow
Minkus, Kim: Tuft

Minnis, Chelsey: Bad Bad ^^^

Mister, Andy: Liner Notes *
Mobilio, Albert: Touch Wood

Molinary, Mary: Mary & the Giant Mechanism

Moody, Trey: Thought That Nature

Morgan, Jeffrey: Crying Shame

Morningsnow, Blueberry Elizabeth: Whale in the Woods

Moro-Huber, Melanie: Axe in Hand

Morse, Ainsley; Shayevich, Bela (tr.): I Live I See (Nekrasov)

Mosconi, Joseph: Fright Catalog *

Mumolo, Sara: Mortar

Murillo, John: Up Jump the Boogie *

Mutschlecner, David: Enigma and Light
Myers, Gina: Hold It Down

Myles, Eileen: Snowflake/Different Streets *


Nakayasu, Sawako: Texture Notes

Narkevic, Don: Admissions

Nazos, Maria: A Hymn That Meanders
Neely, Mark: Beasts of the Hill

Nguyen, Hoa: As Long As Trees Last *

Nichol, bp: a book of variations: love—zygal—art facts *

Nichols, Travis: Iowa

Niedecker, Lorine: Lake Superior

Noftle, Kelli Anne: I Was There for Your Somniloquy
Noonan, T.A.: The Bone Folders

Novey, Idra: Exit, Civilian

Nutter, Geoffrey: The Rose of January


O'Brien, Dan: War Reporter

O'Brien, Geoffrey G.: People on Sunday

O'Driscoll, Dennis: Dear Life

O'Hara, Frank: Poems Retrieved

Olstein, Lisa: Little Stranger *

Osman, Jena: Public Figures *
Ossip, Kathleen: The Cold War

Ostrom, Robert: The Youngest Butcher in Illinois

Ott, Martin: Captive


Pai, Shin Yu: Aux Arcs

Paine, Patty: Feral

Paine, Patty: The Sounding Machine

Panero, Leopoldo Maria: My Naked Brain: Selected Poems
Paquin, Ethan: Cloud vs. Cloud

Parker, Alan Michael: Long Division

Parker, Suzanne: Viral

Pate, James: The Fassbinder Diaries
Paul, Bradley: The Animals All Are Gathering
Peake, Robert: Human Shade

Peake, Robert: The Silence Teacher
Pelegrin, Alison: Hurricane Party
Perez, Craig Santos: from Unincorporated Territory [saina] *
Perillo, Lucia: On the Spectrum of Possible Deaths *

Peterson, Katie: Permission
Pethybridge, Jeff: Striven, the Bright Treatise

Petrosino, Kiki: Hymn for the Black Terrific

Pettit, Emily: Goat in the Snow
Pierides, Stella: In the Garden of Absence

Pittman-Schulz, Kimberly: Mosslight
Pollack, James: Sailing to Babylon

Pollari, Niina (tr.): The Warmth of the Taxidermied Animal (Heikkinen)

Poucel, Jean-Jacques (tr.): Flirt Formula (Portugal)

Pratt, Charles W.: From the Box Marked Some Are Missing: New & Selected Poems

Pringle, Kathryn L.: Fault Tree

Pritts, Nate: Right Now More Than Ever


Quagliano, Tony: Language Mattters
Queen, Khadijah: Black Peculiar *


Raabe, Emily: Leave It Behind
Ramke, Bin: Aerial
Ramsey, Susan Blackwell: A Mind Like This
Ravine, Jai Arun: And Then Entwine
Reich, Jen: States of Faith: Poems on Healing

Reeve, F.D.: The Puzzle Master and Other Poems

Reeves, Roger: King Me

Reines, Ariana: Coeur de Lion
Reines, Ariana: Mercury *
Rekdal, Paisley: Animal Eye
Rekdal, Paisley: Intimate: An American Family Photo Album ^^
Rexilius, Andrea: Half of What They Carried Flew Away

Rexilius, Andrea: To Be Human Is to Be a Conversation

Riddell, Amy: Bullets in the Jewelry Box
Riegel, Katherine: Castaway
Riegel, Katherine: What the Mouth Was Made For

Rigby, Karen: Chinoiserie *

Roberson, Ed: To See the Earth Before the End of the World *
Robinson, Elizabeth: Counterpart

Robinson, Elizabeth: On Ghosts ^^

Robinson, Elizabeth: Three Novels

Roberts, Katrina: Friendly Fire

Roberts, Katrina: The Quick

Roberts, Katrina: Underdog

Roberts, Suzanne: Almost Somewhere ^^

Rock, Martin: Dear Mark #
Romano, Nina: Coffeehouse Meditations
Romanowski, Todd: Every Strange Meridian

Ronk, Martha: Transfer of Qualities

Rooney, Kathleen: Oneiromance
Rooney, Kathleen: Robinson Alone
Rose, Patricia: The Institute for Species Systemization: An Experimental Archive

Rosenberg, Dan: The Crushing Organ

Rosko, Emily: Prop Rockery
Ruby, Michael: American Songbook

Ruefle, Mary: Madness, Rack, and Honey: Collected Lectures ^^

Ruefle, Mary: Trances of the Blast
Rumaker, Michael: Robert Duncan in San Francisco ^^
Runyan, Tanya: Simple Weight
Russo, Gianna: Moonflower
Ryals, Mary Jane: The Moving Waters
Rybicki, John: When All the World Is Old


Sadoff, Ira: True Faith

Sampirisi, Jenny: Croak *
Sands, Shänne: Fidelity Is for Swans
Savich, Zach: Events Film Cannot Withstand

Sawyer, Larry: Vertigo Diary

Scappettone, Jennifer (tr): Locomotrix (Rosselli)
Schley, Jim: As When, In Season
Schneider, Matthew: He Took a Cab
Schofield, Don: Before Kodachrome
Schultz, Susan M.: Memory Cards: 2010-2011 Series

Seay, Allison: To See the Queen *

Seidel, Frederick: Poems, 1959-2009 *

Shapiro, Lauren: Easy Math

Share, Don: Wishbone
Sharkey, Lee: Calendars of Fire

Sharma, Prageeta: Undergloom

Shaughnessy, Brenda: Our Andromeda
Sheehan, Michael: Proposals for the Recovery of the Apparently Drowned ^

Sherl, Gregory: Heavy Petting *
Shimoda, Brandon: The Girl Without Arms

Shimoda, Brandon: Portuguese *

Shufran, Lauren: Inter Arma

Siken, Richard: Crush *

Simmonds, Kevin: Mad for Meat
Simonds, Sandra: Mother Was a Tragic Girl *

Skinner, Jeffrey: Glaciology
Skoog, Ed: Rough Day

Slawson, Nate: Panic Attack, U.S.A. *

Smith, Abraham: Whim Man Mammon *
Smith, Carmen Giménez: The City She Was
Smith, Carmen Giménez: Goodbye, Flicker

Smith, Carmen Giménez: Milk & Filth

Smith, Dale M.: Poets Beyond the Barricade: Rhetoric, Citizenship, and Dissent After 1960 ^^
Smith, Jared: The Collected Poems of Jared Smith: 1971-2011
Smith, Mike: Byron in Baghdad
Smith, Mike (tr): Faust (Goethe)
Smith, Mike: Multiverse *
Snider, Bruce: Paradise, Indiana
Sobelman, 'Annah: In the Bee Latitudes
Som, Brandon: Babel's Moon

Sommer, Jason: The Laughter of Adam and Eve
Sorenson, Philip: Of Embodies

Spaar, Lisa Russ: Vanitas, Rough

Spahr, Juliana: This Connection of Everyone With Lungs *
Speaker, Mary Austin: Ceremony

Stanford, Frank: The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You *
Staples, Heidi Lynn: Noise Event

Starkweather, Sampson: The First 4 Books of Sampson Starkweather *

Stempleman, Jordan: No, Not Today

Stewart. Arthur J.: The Ghost in the Word

Stock, Norman: Pickled Dreams Naked *
Storie, Jensea: On of the Murder of Juan de la Cruz
Stucky, Janaka: The World Will Deny It For You
Sullivan, David Alan: Every Seed of the Pomengranate

Suntup, Paul: Sunset at the Temple of Olives
Swain, Brian Kenneth: My America
Sweeney, Chad: Wolf's Milk: The Lost Notebooks of Juan Sweeney
Swensen, Cole: Gravesend

Swensen, Cole; Rod Smith (tr): The Invention of Glass (Hocquard) *
Swist, Wally: Luminous Dream
Szporluk, Larissa: Traffic with Macbeth *


Taransky, Michelle: Barn Burned, Then *
Taransky, Michelle: Sorry Was in the Woods

Taylor, Bruce: The Longest You've Lived Anywhere: Poems New & Selected

Taylor, Bruce: Pity the World

Teare, Brian: Companion Grasses

Teicher, Craig Morgan: Brenda Is in the Room and Other Poems *

Teig, Michael: There's a Box in the Garage You Can Beat With a Stick

Terry, Daniel Nathan: Waxwings
Thorburn, Matthew: Every Possible Blue

Tiffany, Daniel: Neptune Park
Timmons, Matthew: The New Poetics *

Tonelli, Chris: The Trees Around
Treem, Douglas: Everything So Seriously
Trent, Letitia: One Perfect Bird

Turtell, Steve: Heroes and Householders

Twemlow, Nick: Palm Trees


Umansky, Leah: Domestic Uncertainties

Upton, Lee: Swallowing the Sea ^^
Urbom, Warren K.: Called to Justice ^^


Vang, Burlee: The Dead I Know: Incantation for Rebirth

Venezio, Sharon: The Silence of Doorways

Vitiello, Chris: Obedience

Volpert, Megan (ed.): This Assignment Is So Gay: LGBTIQ Poets on the Art of Teaching


Wade, Sidney: Straits & Narrows

Wagenaar, Mark: Voodoo Inverso
Wagner, Catherine: Nervous Device *
Waite, Stacey: Butch Geography

Wald, Diane: Wonderbender
Waldrep, G.C.: Archicembalo *
Waldrep, G.C.; Gallaher, John: Your Father on the Train of Ghosts

Waldrop, Keith: The Not Forever
Wallenstein, Barry: Drastic Dislocations: New and Selected Poems

Warren, Alli: Here Come the Warm Jets

Watson, Ellen Doré (tr.): Ex-Voto (Prado)
White, Gail: Sonnets in a Hostile World
Wilkinson, Joshua Marie: Swamp Isthmus

Weigel, Molly (tr.): In the Moremarrow (Girondo)

Weigel, Molly (tr): The Shock of the Lenders (Perednik) *

Weise, Jillian: The Book of Goodbyes *

Wendel, Monica: No Apocalypse

Wetherington, Laura: A Map Predetermined and Chance

White, Arisa: A Penny Saved

White, Arisa: Hurrah's Nest

White, Derek: The Becoming

Wier, Dara: You Good Thing

Wilkins, Joe: Notes From the Journey Westward

Williams, C.K.: Catherine's Laughter
Williams, Mark Van Aken: The Burlesque of Graceless Acting

Winter, Max: Walking Among Them

Wojahn, David: World Tree
Wong, Angela Veronica: How to Survive a Hotel Fire *

Woodard, Deborah: Borrowed Tales *

Wrenn, Greg: Centaur


Xu, Lynn: Debts & Lessons *


Yau, John: Further Adventures in Monochrome *
Young, Dean: Bender: New and Selected Poems *

Youtz, Karena: The Transfer Tree


Zabriskie, Grace: Poems
Zaher, Maged: The Revolution Happened and You Didn't Call Me *

Zavatsky, Bill: Where X Marks the Spot

Zawacki, Andrew: Videotape

Zultanski, Steven: Agony

* = Reviewed.

^ = Fiction.

^^ = Non-fiction.
^^^ = Reviewed in print.

# = Chapbook.

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